21/06 2018

Junior ISBUC is now active

The new Junior ISBUC network is now active. The network is for students and postdocs looking for peers interested in integrative structural biology. Read more about how to register here!

Research 01/02 2019

Two new ISBUC research centers

Kresten Lindorff-Larsen and Birthe B. Kragelund from the Department of Biology are starting up new research centers on protein chemistry.

03/12 2018

Gene Editing 2.0

The groups of the ISBUC researchers Hatzakis and Montoya have made groundbreaking discoveries on the molecular mechanisms underlying the CRISPR gene editing technology with promising new applications.

29/08 2018

Sine Larsen Awarded the Max Perutz prize

Professor Sine Larsen has been awarded the prestigeous Max Perutz prize of the European Crystallographic Association. CONGRATULATIONS SINE.

Vacant positions:

News 24/01 2018

Vito Foderá new Villum Young Investigator

The talented Vito Foderá from ISBUC has been awarded a VILLUM Young Investigator award. Vitos main subject of interest is biomolecular self assembly mechanisms impacting neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.