Study integrative structural biology

There are excellent opportunities for students to study integrative structural biology at the University of Copenhagen. In Spring 2023, we launch a new MSc and PhD course which will offer students an in-depth introduction to integrative structural biology. In addition, there are a multitude of specialized Bachelor, Masters and PhD courses for students, which we have compiled in the ISBUC course catalogue. And finally, there are also great opportunities for doing your thesis project in an ISBUC lab.


In spring 2023, ISBUC will launch a new MSc and PhD course in Integrative Structural Biology. In this course, students are introduced to 3D modelling of biomolecules using simulations, machine learning, X-rays, neutrons, photons, electrons and magnetic spins. Students gain hands-on experience with advanced, experimental techniques for probing biomolecules and will learn to apply computational modelling and machine learning methods to biological data. Students visit large-scale research facilities including MAXIV and ESS at Lund, produce their own research poster and are invited to participate in a nationwide interdisciplinary summer camp. 

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The University of Copenhagen offers lots of opportunities for studying integrative structural biology at the Bachelor, Master and PhD level. ISBUC helps students to connect with courses that are happening in departments and centers besides their own, by keeping a directory of all relevant courses at the University of Copenhagen. 

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The ISBUC laboratories offer a dynamic and open environment for studying structural biology with a cross-disciplinary focus. As a potential M. Sc. or PhD student you are always welcome to contact the ISBUC laboratories directly (read more about ISBUC scientists and potential supervisors here). In addition, each autumn, ISBUC holds an open house where interested students are invited to come and learn more about the opportunities for doing a project in structural biology at the University of Copenhagen. Here, you can meet potential group leaders, hear from previous students and meet other students working in ISBUC groups. 

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