Study integrative structural biology

Find UCPH courses: There are excellent opportunities for students to study integrative structural biology at the University of Copenhagen and there are a multitude of specialized Bachelor, Masters and PhD courses for students, which we have compiled in the ISBUC course catalogue. 

Write your thesis at ISBUC: The ISBUC laboratories offer a dynamic and open environment for studying structural biology with a cross-disciplinary focus. As a potential MSc or PhD student you are always welcome to contact the ISBUC laboratories directly and find information about their research, advice and a potential supervisor.

Upcoming ISBUC Courses:

integrative structural biology master

Each spring, ISBUC hosts a MSc and PhD course in Integrative Structural Biology. In this course, students are introduced to 3D modelling of biomolecules using simulations, machine learning, X-rays, neutrons, photons, electrons and magnetic spins. Students gain hands-on experience with advanced, experimental techniques for probing biomolecules and will learn to apply computational modelling and machine learning methods to biological data. Students visit large-scale research facilities including MAXIV and ESS at Lund, produce their own research poster and are invited to participate in a nationwide network for interdisciplinary research.