Structural biology sits at the core of all biomolecular sciences including biochemistry, medicine, pharmacology, biology and biophysics. It is built on a foundation of highly specialised experimental and computational techniques that reveals the mechanisms underpinning life itself. But revealing these mechanisms requires an integrated approach to structural biology.

This means integrating structural data from a variety of techniques to give researchers a much broader snapshot of the biological system under investigation, revealing both their static and dynamic properties. It also requires the integration of data from structural biology with other levels of biological organisation – at the cellular and systems level – in order to reveal the links between biological structure and biological function.

The cluster for Integrated Structural Biology at the University of Copenhagen (ISBUC) promotes an integrated approach to structural biology at the University of Copenhagen. It is constituted by over 50 principal investigators and 100 junior researchers who are spread across 16 different departments in the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. Since its creation, ISBUC has sparked numerous collaborative projects between its members.

Throughout the year, ISBUC organises numerous activities to facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration, communication and facility access between its members. These include a PI Day each winter, a Matchmaking Day each summer and an Annual Meeting each autumn. In addition, ISBUC distributes an e-newsletter, organises regular Lunch Talks and supports the Junior ISBUC network.

You can join ISBUC by contacting the ISBUC Cluster Coordinator.