ISBUC Lunch Talk: David Gloriam

GPCR structural biology
David Gloriam will give an ISBUC Lunch Talk at 12:30 on Thursday December 16th on GPCR structure-function

One of the main purposes of ISBUC is to facilitate communication and collaborations between structural biologists at UCPH.

A central aspect of this is to know what science is happening in other ISBUC labs. To get the general idea of that, with the least possible effort, we invite you to the ISBUC Lunch Talks.

Each month a different ISBUC scientist will make a presentation of their current research. The presentation will be max 25 min and allow for a few questions afterwards. All talks will describe state-of-the-art science from ISBUC members. 

The December talk:

  • Who: Professor David Gloriam, Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology
  • Talking about: Combining computational and experimental structural biology to elucidate GPCR structure-function
  • When: Thursday January 20th @12:30
  • Where

We hope to see many of you there.

Best wishes,

The ISBUC steering committee