Junior ISBUC - Know Your ISBUC Labs Day

Know Your ISBUC Labs Day

Know Your ISBUC Labs Day takes place on Friday 1st November 2019 from 13:00 to 17:00 in Lundbeck Foundation Auditorium at the Biocenter.

The 2019 Program includes an inspiring key note address, a student and postdoc studded panel, junior research groups representatives, and ample opportunity to network with peers and learn more about various structural biology labs across the university.

Click on the names below to read more about our key note speaker and student panelists for 2019:

Student Panelists

Labs/Research Groups (1-on-1 session facilitators)

  1. Foderà Lab 
  2. Madsen Lab 
  3. Hatzakis Lab
  4. Rasmussen Lab
  5. Protein Analysis Lab
  6. Løland Lab
  7. Gloriam/Kastrup GPCR Structural Biology Lab
  8. Taylor Group
  9. Lo Leggio Group
  10. Kragelund Group
  11. Winther Group/Protein Biology Group
  12. Lindorff-Larsen Group
  13. Bionanoscience of Membrane Proteins Group
  14. Membrane Protein Structural Biology Group
  15. Experimental Biophysics Research Group
  16. Arleth Group
  17. Structural Biophysics Group
  18. Stamou Group
  19. Kastrup Group/Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors
  20. Teilum Group 
  21. Montoya Group
  22. (more to follow)

Looking forward to a great day with exciting discussions and lots of interaction across the participants.

Junior ISBUC Steering Committee