ISBUC – Find Your BioStruc Lab

  • Are you a BSc or MSc student looking for a lab to conduct your thesis in?
  • Are you interested in structural biology, working with proteins and other bio macro molecules?
  • Want to learn more about our integrative structural biology researchers and labs at SCIENCE and SUND?

'Find Your BioStruc Lab' takes place on 

Friday 15th May 2020 

13:00 to 15:00

The event is hosted by the Integrative Structural Biology at the University of Copenhagen (ISBUC)

and held remotely via Microsoft Teams


How to Join Event

  1. Watch prerecorded intro-videos from potential supervisors BEFORE event.
  2. Decide on supervisors you would like to hear more from.
  3. Sign up for event on ISBUC website and SELECT four supervisors you want to speak with.
  4. JOIN event on May 15 via Microsoft Teams (access code given before start of event)

Labs/Research Groups

  1. Biophysical Chemistry Research Group - supervisor: Leila Lo Leggio
  2. CFIM - Core Facility for Integrated Microscopy  - represented by Guillermo Montoya
  3. Montoya Group – supervisor: Guillermo Montoya
  4. Foderà Lab – supervisor: Vito Foderà (pending)
  5. Hatzakis Lab - supervisor: Nikos Hatzakis (pending)
  6. Joint Structural Biology Lab of GPCRs and Ion Channels - supervisors: David Gloriam and Jette Kastrup 
  7. Kragelund Group Head of SBiNLab - supervisor: Birthe B Kragelund
  8. Taylor Group - supervisor: Nicholas Taylor
  9. Cell Communication Research Group , Head of Center for Advanced Bioimaging (CAB), Head of Section for Transport Biology – supervisor: Alexander Schulz
  10. Bioinorganic Chemistry and Spectroscopy – supervisor: Lars Bo Stegeager Hemmingsen
  11. Ligand-gated ion channel receptors in brain diseases Group , Head of Peptides and Proteins discipline – supervisor: Michael Gajhede
  12. Signal transduction and plant innate Immunity Research Group – supervisor: Anja Thoe Fuglsang
  13. Biological Chemistry - supervisor: Peter Waaben Thulstrup
  14. more to follow

Looking forward to a great event with exciting discussions across the participants.

Junior ISBUC Steering Committee