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EMBO Workshop: In situ Methods in Cell Biology and Cellular Biophysics

Recent advances in biophysical methods led to stunning new insights into the complex inner workings of cells and the interplay between their macromolecular components. Spurred by technological breakthroughs in light and electron microscopy, tomography, mass spectrometry, single and ensemble molecule spectroscopies such as FRET, NMR and EPR, cellular in situ studies can now be performed at unprecedented levels of spatial and temporal resolution.

The goal of this EMBO Workshop is to showcase technological advances and their innovative biological applications, ranging from quantitative approaches in cellular systems biology to structural in-cell studies at near atomic resolution. Specifically, we aim to highlight complementary aspects of different in situ methods and discuss their synergistic potential for future applications.

Research areas covered in the workshop include

  • Cellular Systems Biology
  • Cellular Proteomics & Biochemistry
  • Single Molecule Cell Biology
  • Cellular Imaging
  • Cellular Structural Biology
  • Visualization & Communication

We strongly encourage participation of scientists with diverse backgrounds to foster exchange between various disciplines on a broad scale.

Read more: http://meetings.embo.org/event/18-insitu-methods

Abstract submission deadline: 11 June 2018

Deadline for registration: 25 June 2018